IKEA Wine Cabinet Rack Customized to Small One Bottle Width

IKEA Wine Cabinet Rack Customized to Small One Bottle Width

We used Standard IKEA Open Shelf / Wine cabinet and customized it in width to Nicely Fill the space instead of just big ugly filler :)


How to Share IKEA Kitchen Plan by Email

How to Share IKEA Kitchen Plan by Email


How to Save IKEA Kitchen Plan in PDF format

How to Save IKEA kitchen Plan in PDF format

IKEA Drawers Adjustment, IKEA Drawer Front Removal



You can open your waste sorting drawer with the light touch of a finger, hip, knee or foot; practical when your hands are full.


Utrusta electrical push opener

  • Allows your waste sorting drawer to open and close silently and effortlessly.
  • You can also open and close your waste sorting drawer manually at any time if the electrical supply fails.
  • Integrated feature to prevent the drawer from opening unintentionally, so you can relax when you're socializing with friends in your kitchen.
  • You can easily deactivate the motor when you want to clean the drawer front.
  • The sensitive collision detection feature assures safety by interrupting opening if an obstruction is detected.
  • Standby power consumption is very minimal (only 3,5 kWh per year).

Utrusta electrical push opener IKEA

Hide Those Little Drill Holes in IKEA Kitchen Glass Door cabinets or open shelf.


Glass-door cabinets and open shelves can look so attractive, but the little holes for mounting the shelves do not look so attractive.

IKEA VARIERA cover plate whiteIKEA VARIERA cover plate black

Just push the VARIERA cover plates into those holes and make your IKEA kitchen look a little more finished. And at $0.99 for a hundred of them, how can you go wrong? They go in white and black color.

IKEA VARIERA cover plates white 100pc


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