The foundation of every successful IKEA kitchen installation is precise measurement and innovative planning.  An error of only one or two centimeters can completely “mess up” your entire plan.  Once you have purchased your cabinets, it can be difficult and expensive to make changes – so be very careful – measure and plan your project with utmost care and precision.  

The plain truth is that even custom cabinets are mostly made to standard sizes and patterns.  You really can have a custom kitchen, using standard “production” IKEA kitchen cabinets – if you understand how to utilize them, and how to fit them to your individual kitchen.

If you have no previous experience in cabinet work, you should probably give careful consideration to consulting with an experienced cabinet professional before ordering any IKEA kitchen cabinets.

The professionals at have years of extensive experience in cabinetry.  We know what will work, and what is likely to cause problems –  and we are familiar with the full range of IKEA kitchen cabinets, so we may be able to suggest combinations which you haven't considered.  We pride ourselves in thinking “outside the box”.  Since we aren't completely bound by tradition, we can custom build filler panels, trim strips and other accessories – even modify standard IKEA kitchen cabinets – to seamlessly blend standard “production line” cabinets into a genuine custom kitchen.

To enlist our professional design assistance, you need only phone 647-848-3651


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